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10 Years of PCI DSS: What has it Really Achieved?


Can you remember what you were doing a decade ago? A lot can happen in 10 years. Well, you were probably running Windows XP on your PC, your mobile phones may have had a revolutionary new camera (smartphones were two years away), and you may have switched to Google as your primary search engine.


Posted Monday, Sep 2016 by Nicky Hjerpe

Smart Meters - Big Brother in a Good Way


The drive to install smart meter technology across the UK was big news a couple of years ago, with its connections to the Internet of Things, intelligent fridges, and even fears that your energy suppliers might want to sell data on when you do your cooking or washing to advertising agencies.

multi-channel, customer service, smart meters, payment apps

Posted Wednesday, Sep 2016 by Alex Monaghan

Are your callers trapped inside the IVR that time forgot?


Businesses get excited about rebrands, unveiling new websites, publishing ultra-elegant apps and attracting big followings on their social media channels.  But amid all the hubbub and euphoria, it's easy to forget to refresh your IVR at the same time. A big mistake.

customer experience, IVR

Posted Tuesday, Aug 2016 by Alex Monaghan

Fine Tuning Your IVR Can Win You Customers


If you’re looking for new ways to improve customer service, then why don’t you look at refining your old ways? The phone channel is still a hugely important channel, but if you have an outdated interactive voice response system, you could be losing or agitating your customers. If so, then it’s time for a tune up… 

customer experience, IVR

Posted Thursday, Jul 2016 by Alex Monaghan

The reality gap: Five dangerous misconceptions of telephone payments


Consumers in the UK have little understanding of the complexities surrounding the security of their personal data. They often fall prey to a host of myths that could put them at risk, and expose their valuable personal data to hackers and criminals.

compliance, data storage, data breach

Posted Monday, Jul 2016 by Cameron Ross

What to do — if your IVR behaves badly?


As many parents will know, it's a painful experience when the headteacher calls to explain that your child has misbehaved. The story unfolds and you react with surprise, then horror, then embarrassment. But discovering some 'home truths' about your interactive voice response system (IVR) can be just as uncomfortable.

customer experience, IVR

Posted Thursday, Jul 2016 by Tony Porter

Hanging on the IVR: From Call Centre to "Stall Centre"


When Bell Labs created the blueprint for an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system in 1962, little did they know that this invention would go on to cause such misery for millions of people.

customer experience, IVR

Posted Tuesday, Jun 2016 by Tony Porter

Why do Consumers Take Risks With Telephone Payments ?


Sitting on a hot crowded train from London at the end of a working day tends to put people into a rather lethargic mood. The only thing breaking the silence of passengers reading or tapping away on laptops is often someone speaking on the phone.

compliance, credit card fraud, data breach

Posted Wednesday, Jun 2016 by Nicky Hjerpe

GDPR and secure payments: What if we Brexit?


For the past few months we’ve heard a lot about how the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are going to harmonise the current data protection laws in place across the EU member states.

compliance, gdpr, data breach

Posted Thursday, Jun 2016 by Nicky Hjerpe

Multi-Channel or Multi-Flannel?


There’s been a lot of coverage in the customer service and contact centre media around companies being urged to ramp up multi-channel and omni-channel service for customers.

customer experience, omni-channel

Posted Monday, Jun 2016 by Nicky Hjerpe

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