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Dial a Cab
Decommissioning contact centre hardware for London's Black Cab services
Decommissioning contact centre hardware for London's Black Cab services


Industry: Transportation    Employees: 250 + 1,500 drivers   Revenue: £20 million pa

Business: London’s famous Black Cab’s contact centre business, coordinating taxi requests for business and consumer customers.

Challenge: To remove legacy hardware without compromising contact centre options.   

Solution: Decommissioning Aspect technology to enable a new installation.


  • No disruption to BAU
  • On time and on budget
  • Accurate documentation.


Dial-a-Cab was established in 1953 but today it is a Limited company. It has recently gone through some changes to its contact centre and overall business. Based in the heart of London for over 60 years, today its fleet of 1,500 drivers serves the demanding needs of London’s global business community. To achieve this, it relies on its contact centre of many agents handling a high volume of calls per month.


Having moved away from Aspect as a telephony solution provider, Dial-a-Cab were left with two large Aspect ACD cabinets full of hardware which was no longer used but was still taking up valuable space in its central London comms room. This space was required for their new telephony system to be introduced as part of its transformation.

With the investment in new technology Dial-a-Cab understood that it needed an expert to decommission the Aspect systems because it’s more complicated than it seems. Third-party expertise was required to understand the infrastructure and its connectivity in order to remove the hardware successfully without compromising the contact centre operation.


Firstly, the old equipment had to be removed and disposed of as quickly as possible to enable the smooth running of the communications team. This was a delicate operation as there were many live systems in the same room, under-floor cabling and heavy cabinets that needed to be disconnected and moved. In addition, the route to the equipment involved several doors and steps, adding to the challenge.

All hardware had to be accounted for as it was removed, and ultimately disposed of according to EU WEEE regulations. Additionally, all hard disks were to be removed from the equipment because Dial-a-Cab wanted to retain the data from the ACDs, for security and compliance purposes. This meant that the equipment had to be partially dismantled in situ before being moved to Eckoh premises for recycling and disposal.

The experienced Eckoh decommissioning team was able to offer planning, disconnection, logistics and disposal as a complete package. Dial-a-Cab agreed that the decommissioning could be carried out during normal working hours, which meant that London traffic, disruption to Dial-a-Cab IT and contact centre work, and the sensitivity of live operations and calls needed to be taken into account. With full co-operation from Dial-a-Cab, Eckoh planned the route to and from the comms room and the equipment required such as lifts and trolleys, to minimise any impact on Dial-a-Cab’s day-to-day activities.

Eckoh did a very professional job, and I’m very satisfied with the result. The details of the work were agreed to suit Dial-a-Cab business needs. Eckoh’s engineers were highly competent and thorough, the decommissioning work was carried out to specification and on time, and the documentation was all completed accurately. I would use Eckoh again in a similar situation. Jason O’Brien, MIS Administrator, Dial-a-Cab


  • Decommissioning was completed efficiently and to the client’s full satisfaction in a single visit, with paperwork filled in on site and signed off.
  • Professional project
  • Met all business needs
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Project completed on time and on budget
  • Comprehensive documentation.


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