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BPO & Public Sector Organisation
Eckoh Experience Portal for Omnichannel and payments
Eckoh Experience Portal for Omnichannel and payments


Industry: Public Sector/Outsourcing    Contact centres: 6   Revenue: £3.7 billion

Business: Since 2002 this BPO has managed the contact centre services that collect fees for this TV broadcast service through its customer management operation.

Challenge: To be able to prevent call abandonment, completing more calls to increase renewals and collection of fees. Also, to improve the customer experience.   

Solution: Self-Service IVR and Identification and verification solutions, delivered via the Eckoh Experience Portal - a single portal with access to all customer engagement and secure payments solutions.


  • Pay-as-you-go solutions portfolio
  • Modern IVR
  • Identification & Verification to accurately direct calls
  • Increase volume of calls handled
  • Choice of channels to match demand.


This London-based BPO is an international business process outsourcing and professional services company. It is a leading provider of technology enabled business services, operating across six key markets. Since 2002 they have managed the contact centre services that collect fees for this UK national broadcast company. The number of contract extensions shows the level of success this partnership has achieved.

The service receives c 8.5m contacts via its telephony platform, across c 200 customer facing contact numbers. Their contact centre agents handle c 5.2m calls with a further 1.1 m being handled via the IVR. Telephone contact is the second largest contact channel after their website.


Originally, the organisation’s contact centre agents were having to handle too many calls because their current IVR platform was not enabling them to offer as many automated applications as they’d like. At the time they could not identify and verify as many callers as wanted to, nor identify particular types of caller/licence holder because of the limited data integration available. This was causing callers to drop out of the process, leading to lower licence purchases, reduced funding for the organisation and a poor customer experience.

With customers driving the choice of engagement channel this position was no longer acceptable to a public facing organisation. Add to this the economic, as well as customer experience, benefits of self-service, and it became clear that change was required.

The organisation therefore sought to modernise their IVR to offer more self-service options, integrate data to better identify callers and licence types and to route calls better so they reach the right agent or option as well as increase the number of calls completed.

This BPO organisation chose to work with Eckoh because of their track record of delivering transformation projects just like this. Eckoh’s expertise with IVR and a portal delivery approach to customer engagement and secure payments technology makes them a unique, and obvious, choice.


An IVR is simply the platform for whatever engagement applications an organisation chooses - from DTMF to Chatbots, ID&V and SMS as well as information.

Eckoh’s Experience Portal is more than just IVR. It allows organisations to take the solutions they need today and add new applications as it suits them.

For this organisation we delivered the customer experience portal, intelligent routing, call identification and verification as well as advanced speech self-service.

With this the organisation was able to…

  • Know who was calling and get them to the right place quickly, reducing call abandonment and increasing revenue collection
  • Improve their customer experience and satisfaction by providing more self-service options as well as a better and more effective service on the customer’s choice of device
  • Improve the integration of data to enhance the self-service and agent-assisted options while reducing agent involvement in calls so the organisation is free to help those who need it most.
  • Our solution is a hosted services model and charged on a usage basis. There is no on-site equipment, no software licences nor any ongoing maintenance and support to consider.

This approach means that the organisation can control the costs associated with the solution and only pay for service they use. This flexibility means they can add services as they need or want, matching their business, or customer requirements.


Modernising customer engagement: The new IVR will enable the organisation to offer more self-service options as well as complete more transactions and calls that resolve issues and collect more licence fees without the need for agent interaction. Not only will they increase their contact centre efficiency, but they’ll help collect the vital fees that continue to fund this broadcaster’s programmes and services.

Added-value: The solution portfolio – covering customer engagement and secure payments means that the organisation can always add new solutions as they need them, - keeping pace with customer expectations and emerging technology.

Innovation: With Eckoh’s 20+ years’ experience in delivering contact centre technology solutions comes its track record for innovation in customer contact solutions. With Eckoh’s commitment to R&D spend the organisation will be able to stay at the forefront of customer engagement.



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