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Proving our inventions and innovations

Eckoh has a proven track record of innovation in contact centre technology, staying ahead of the market to bring the latest solutions to support our customers combat fraud and improve customer engagement. In order to protect our Intellectual property we seek and gain patents in the relevant markets. These patents ensure that for 20 years, Eckoh is the only company that will be providing these solutions to you. With more and more patents being granted, we are keen to expand our specialisms and provide our customers with cutting edge technology. 

Granted Patents

CallGuard Remote

With COVID-19 crisis, organisations have been striving to maintain serving their customers to the same standard, where most of the workforce have begun home-working or working at a remote location. CallGuard Remote (previously CallGuard Onsite) eliminates sensitive card data from telephone conversations before they are recorded. It can also prevent contact centre agents working in the office or remotely from seeing any card data onscreen, or hearing any card details, which minimises the potential for fraud or theft. The solution removes call recordings, screen recordings and agents from the scope of a PCI DSS audit. 


Jurisdiction Patent No. Granted Expires
UK GB2,478,916 11th June 2014 22nd March 2031
USA US9,178,974 3rd November 2015 23rd July 2031
Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain) EP2,550,795 24th June 2019 22nd March 2031


Secure Proxy

This enables an organisation to fully de-scope itself from any type of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), without any change in its IT processes. Crucially, companies can continue using their existing tools for telephone, web, or web chat payments, with any sensitive personal data being automatically replaced with placeholder data. The placeholder data is anonymous and cannot be reversed or decrypted to reveal the original sensitive information. As a result, the risk of fraud and the impact of a potential data breach is minimised because there is no longer any sensitive data stored in a company’s environment. Essentially, there is nothing meaningful for criminals to steal.

The secure proxy approach is used in CallGuard, Eckoh’s market-leading secure payment solution. CallGuard automatically replaces payment data or other sensitive data such as Social Security Numbers with ‘placeholders’, prior to it entering an organisation’s contact centre or IT environment.

The secure proxy approach de-risks a client’s sensitive data and is deployed over their existing IT infrastructure without the need to make any changes to it. Eckoh’s ChatGuard product (the first to be offered globally by a Level One PCI DSS Service Provider) uses this method to secure any existing chat session, irrespective of supplier, and allow it to take a payment securely.


Jurisdiction Patent No. Granted Expires
UK GB2,497,940 17th February 2016 21st December 2031
USA US9,887,966 6 February 2018 5th December 2035
USA US10,263,963 16 April 2019 20th December 2032
Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain) EP2,795,556 19th June 2019 20th December 2032


Authenticating User for Data Exchange (Customer Authentication)

An innovative authentication concept that offers merchants an even more secure way to take a payment on a phone call where it is more difficult to verify that a caller is the genuine cardholder.

Eckoh’s new process uses both voice biometrics to authenticate a caller, and a phone ‘footprint’ to authenticate the caller’s mobile device. The dual authentication mechanism increases the merchant’s confidence that the caller is the genuine cardholder.

Today, a fraudster may be in possession of stolen card details (including the 3-digit security code on the reverse of most cards), but they are highly unlikely to pass a voice biometric check and also to be calling from the cardholder’s own mobile phone. As such, Eckoh’s approach, significantly reduces the risk of fraud.


Jurisdiction Patent No. Granted Expires
USA US9,892,409 13th February 2018 20th June 2037


Session Handoff

A ground-breaking new technology innovation which underpins Eckoh’s expansion of its Omnichannel customer engagement portfolio.

An online personal shopper offering is an example of how this solution can work. While a customer is browsing a company’s website, they may have a question about a particular product. If they contact the company’s contact centre, an agent can securely link to and ‘take control’ of the customer’s browsing session. This allows the agent to upsell complementary products or highlight special offers and actually add them to the customer’s basket. In effect, the agent is acting as an online personal shopper. Once the basket is complete, the agent can then ‘hand back’ the session to the customer who retakes control of the transaction by completing the payment securely. As the agent and contact centre are not involved in the payment process, no card data enters the contact centre environment, which therefore remains out of scope for PCI DSS.

Jurisdiction Patent No. Granted Expires
USA US10,270,865 23rd April 2019 13th April 2038
UK GB2,570,504 18th February 2020 29th January 2038

Contact Centre Authentication 

A revolutionary technology which ensures that customers are securely authenticated prior to talking with contact centre agents. As well as saving time and improving data accuracy, the contact centre authentication approach can dramatically improve security.

When a customer phones a contact centre, a message is sent to their mobile device. The caller authenticates their identity using an existing mainstream authentication method, such as PayPal, Facebook or Amazon. After giving permission to share their information with the contact centre, the call is connected to an available agent, who can immediately see relevant information, and greet the customer appropriately. For authentication methods which retain billing and mailing addresses, such as PayPal, the contact centre CRM systems can be pre-populated, ensuring no re-typing by an agent – a large time saving, and a significant improvement in data accuracy. Finally, because the caller has already authenticated themselves against, say, PayPal’s login process, the contact centre agent can be very certain that they are talking with the actual person the caller claims to be.

Jurisdiction Patent No. Granted Expires
Canada CA3,050,566 14th January 2020 25th July 2039
USA US10,298,759 21st May 2019 16th November 2038
Europe (jurisdictions TBC) EP3,599,752 29th July 2020 25th July 2038