Customer self-service

Serve more customers in less time with self-service automation

Allow customers to find answers themselves through your customer service channels

  • Let customers get in touch when it suits them
  • Be ‘always open’ for service and sales
  • Enable customers to channel shift seamlessly
  • Reduce the cost to serve customers
  • Free up agents to handle more complex calls

Want to know more about self-service automation?

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self-service engagement for contact centres

Make automation work for your organisation

In the context of contact centres, automating your most popular customer engagement channels is an ideal way to cope with high volumes of calls at busy times or in emergencies.

You’ll see faster results, more revenue-generation and satisfied customers. It also frees up your agents to handle more complex enquiries and offers many customers a more personalised interaction.

Multi-functional self-service for contact centres

Drive down the cost to serve

Capture, prioritise, correctly route, escalate and track your business processes from beginning to end. Eckoh's self-service capabilities allow you to:

  • Enable channel shift from IVRs, messaging and Chatbots to agents
  • Increase revenues through upselling via IVRs or Chatbots
  • Reduce the cost to serve by automating processes
  • Identify and verify customers before they access a service to reduce risks
  • Make engagements more interactive by using audio and visual aids together
  • Offer automated identification and payment security controls

  • Advanced IVR

    Advanced IVR

    Support your agents by automating routine and repetitive interactions

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  • Speech Recognition IVR

    Speech Recognition IVR

    Natural conversations that create an effortless, intelligent self-service experience

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  • Visual IVR

    Visual IVR

    Expand the IVR experience by offering visually guided menus on smart devices

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  • Chatbots


    Make a Chatbot your first line of support for handling simple questions and tasks

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  • AI Customer Service

    AI Customer Service

    Step ahead of the competition by putting AI at the heart of your CX

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Self-service IVR payments

Add secure payments to your self-service portfolio so customers can make purchases at any time of day or night.

Here's what Gartner predicts

85% of people will start their engagement with organisations via self-service first in 2022. This is up 48% from today.
Gartner - 4 best practices for implementing extreme customer self-service