Advanced IVR

Next-generation IVR for complex call handling and messaging

Dramatically transform your existing IVR with the next generation of IVR technology. Automate complex tasks while giving callers a superior experience.

  • Improve call routing and contact centre efficiency
  • Reduce call abandonment rate
  • Optimise agent time
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Handle demand peaks, reduce AHT and cost to serve

Ready to transform your IVR?

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IVR that supports agents

Augment your human agents with automated interactions

Support your agents by automating routine and repetitive interactions

  • Send appointment reminders
  • Provide real-time information
  • Create post-interaction surveys
  • Route calls to SMS or agents
  • Take PCI compliant secure payments
  • Authenticate customers and reduce the risk of fraud
  • Combine with Natural Language Recognition for voice-activated intelligent routing
  • Combine channels for true omnichannel experience

IVR standout features

Features of a stand-out IVR

Many customers prefer self-service and others are easily won over by its speed and convenience. Make your IVR experience the best it can be with these important features:

  • Identify and verify callers for heightened security
  • Route callers with contextual voice recognition
  • Reduce hold-time and maximise agent time with effective call routing
  • Simplify reporting with service performance analytics
  • Real-time information about product stock levels, transport schedules etc.
  • Secure payment card data for PCI DSS compliance
  • Use audio and visual aids together through smart devices to resolve enquiries

Enhance self-service with voice technology

People already love self-service and there is strong evidence that customers will try it and once they have they love the speed and convenience. Adding natural language speech recognition makes self-service more engaging and satisfying.

Increasing productivity through advanced IVR services

"Customer service is a vital part of our strategy whilst maintaining operational efficiency and Eckoh has a crucial role to play in helping us to fulfil this."
Head of Customer Service, Ideal Shopping
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