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Customers want to be able to pay online in the same way that they do in-store. That’s why we created a secure payment solution for Apple Pay over the telephone. It’s PCI DSS compliant and simple to use – meeting today’s customer payment preferences. See how it works…

No integration required with existing systems or processes for your telephone payments.

CallGuard Audio Tokenisation removes your entire call centre environment from the PCI DSS audit scope.

CallGuard is the simplest PCI DSS, secure payment solution available today. It helps you reduce the risk of fraud and can de-scope part, or all, of your entire contact centre, from PCI DSS scope.

Put simply, CallGuard puts a shield around your contact centre, preventing sensitive data from entering your systems – so, there’s nothing there to steal. See how it works…

The Most Effective Way to Secure Your Entire Call Centre Environment

CallGuard Hosted prevents any cardholder data from entering your contact centre environment. This means agents, desktops, systems and networks are taken completely out of PCI Compliance scope, saving you time, money and resources.

The Easy to Implement Call Centre Solution for PCI Compliance

CallGuard makes your call recordings, agents and the entire call centre environment secure and PCI compliant. Eliminate fraud and risk instantly.

Several high profile companies have recently become the target of hackers and lost millions of customers credit card details.

Customers relay card information to your company every time they pay for goods and services. Eckoh offers all the tools you need to eliminate the risk of data breaches at your organisation.

Eckoh provides a suite of cloud-based, omni channel customer engagement and monitoring solutions. Instant chat and call-back, Social Media monitoring and Engagement, Knowledge Base, Smart SMS, Email Management and full Work Flow. In any language in any country.

Call centres have quickly become contact centres, and customers expect to be able to get in touch with businesses in ways which are convenient to them. Find out why this transformation has taken place, and what your business should be doing to meet customer expectations.

Eckoh offers the largest range of secure payment solutions for your organisation. Whatever your compliance needs, we have a product that will enable you to take customer card payments over the phone, web or mobile, without fraud risk.

Remove Lengthy IVR Menus with Natural Language Speech Recognition

Callers are greeted with: "How can I help you?" and based on the caller's response they will be routed to the correct person or department. The service uses natural language speech recognition to replace lengthy IVR menus and allows a single telephone number to be used for all inbound calls.

Automated 24/7 PCI DSS Compliant Payments

EckohPAY is an automated PCI DSS compliant payment system that enables your customers to make card payments securely over the phone, on the web, via SMS or with a smartphone.

Today’s contact centres are quite different. Now, it’s about allowing customers to get in touch at any time, on any device, from any where and on their channel of choice. That creates challenges around integrating self-service with agent-assisted and secure payment solutions.

With the help of an experienced partner you can achieve this and empower the agent to harness different channels to provide the ultimate experience for your customer. See how Eckoh do this…

Consumers are becoming more self-sufficient. Subsequently, Customer Service departments are introducing more ways for their customers to self-help when making orders and purchases. These include automated call options (using menus), speech recognition systems, email responses and web forms for feedback. Agents are now being viewed as trusted advisors and are increasingly being contacted for complex inquiries. Combining all these elements to create a seamless, multi-channel customer experience is the challenge businesses are now facing.

Eckoh is a technology business. We live it, breathe it and innovate with it. We’re even possibly a bit geeky but it’s our recipe for success. We create uniquely simple solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

With the help of the Eckoh Experience Portal, businesses get their customer engagement right, so they can sell more, protect sensitive data and improve customer experiences. See what it's like to work with Eckoh.